A trip to the movies

The Legae Academy Form 3 classes took a trip to see “A United Kingdom” in the cinema.  Below is a report from one of the students:

By: Jordyn Matenge

When it comes to school trips, the possibilities are endless, but there’s one excursion that never fails
to capture a student’s heart, a trip to the movies.
It was a cold Friday morning, but the Form Threes were still filled with glee. I mean who doesn’t love
getting out of the classroom and embarking on an educational adventure? From giggles to gasps, a
school trip to the cinema is a guaranteed recipe for a day of learning, excitement, shared memories
and entertainment.
The whole grade buzzed with excitement, waiting for the last period to end, as they could not wait
to run off to board the bus. It wasn’t just about escaping the confines of the classroom but about the
joy of coming together as a group to embark on a collective adventure. Each student wore a smile
that stretched from ear to ear, as the bus rolled up to the cinema at Masa Centre.
The aroma of freshly popped popcorn wafted through the air, instantly making stomachs grumble in
unison. Once armed with a selection of treats that could make a dentist cringe, it was time for the us
to pick our seats in the dimly lit cinema house. The chatter slowly faded, as the opening credits
began to play. A wave of awe rippled through the crowd, as the big screen came to life.
There it was. The moment we had been waiting for. The characters from our book, We Are All Blue,
had faces and seemed more relatable. The movie, A United Kingdom, really lived up to our
expectations, although we did find it ironic that a Nigerian actor was staring the lead role of our
founding father Seretse Khama. Still, the heart-warming love story of Seretse Khama and his wife
Ruth Khama had the power to transport us to a place we could only imagine. Reading a play simply
wasn’t enough to truly capture the essence of the story, the movie brought everything to life. A book
with a hundred and ten pages quickly became understood in a time frame of two hours. This movie
had the ability to broaden our horizons, inspire and strengthened my ability to analyse storylines,
dissect characters and explore themes. Tears were discreetly wiped away and for a couple of hours,
students intertwined with the lives of the characters from their drama, forging an unforgettable
But like all great things, the trip had to come to an end. As the lights were turned back on, we’re
brought back to reality. The memories of the shared experience still lingers on. The smiles the
students shared as they talked about their favourite characters, plot twists and scenes as we drove
back to campus, strengthened bonds and brought joy to friendships. This exciting trip didn’t just
educate us but gave us memories that will be cherished forever.

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