Hope Support Group in Khekhenye

Among the community service clubs at Legae Academy exists the Hope Support Group. Pre pandemic, the LA Hope Support Group gathered donations for Khekhenye Primary School. Located about 300km away from Gaborone in the Kweneng district, the primary school has a little over 100 students enrolled currently. 

Due to the pandemic, travelling to the primary school was put on hold. But this year the Hope Support Group journeyed in the early morning of April 5th to donate school shoes, sanitary items, clothing items, books, toys and much more. 

It was through bake sales, shoe and clothing drives, and general donations that the club was able to buy school shoes for the students of Khekhenye. 

The club also donates books to help start a library within the primary school, to encourage the kids to learn more about the world beyond the one they know.

A generous thank you to all the students, parents and management of Legae Academy for helping raise the donations and making the journey possible. 

A big thank you to Mrs Kambai, for spearheading the Hope Support group and organising this trip.   

The Legae Academy Hope Support group in Khekhenye village. – April 5th 2023

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