Top in the World

The Top in the World Award was introduced by CIE in 2009 to award the best student in each syllabus who gains the highest mark in the world. This is a prestigious award, and is recognized by all schools whose students write the Cambridge examinations every year. In the past seven years Legae Academy students have been receiving this prestigious award. It is on record that more than 10,000 schools in 170 countries enter students for the Cambridge examinations each year, so it is an incredible achievement to win a Cambridge Top in the World Award.
Since the inception of the award, 8 students from Legae have been recipients of 12 Top in the World Awards, which is an exceptional achievement. Below is a breakdown of the prize winners over the years:

These students mentioned above show that Legae’s efforts in providing quality education are not in vain. As early as 1998 the Ministry of Education inspection report of the institution noted: “The school is well poised for efficiency and productivity. The available management structures enable communication and consultation which creates a suitable working environment. The general up-keep of the school also creates a conducive learning environment which is imperative to a school of this nature.” It has been eighteen years since the inspection report was issued, and Legae Academy has not disappointed the officers who issued that report.

All these achievements are possible because of the schools’ commitment to excellence. Such achievements provide the evidence of the commitment of Legae in fostering whole-person development, enhancing life-long learning capabilities and more importantly, nurturing positive values and attitudes towards life and society among students. Students of Legae are able attain all-round development and achievements in various domains according to their own attributes. The Top in the World Awards fully demonstrate how our students have benefited from our success in striking a balance between achieving academic excellence and developing personal aspirations along the learning journey.

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