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Since it’s foundation in 1992, Legae Academy has had its founding motto: “Thuto go aga Botho” which, loosely translated into English, means “Education Builds Humanity”.

30 years later, we believe that it’s time to attune that core foundational message with what the school has become and the future it envisages. In that regard, we have held on to the original motif of a bird feeding chicks in a nest.

This conveys that at Legae, each and every student is “fed” with equal education. There is no discrimination. All students shall be treated equally.

In keeping with our roots, we have gone back to the original motto used by the founder, Violet Hamilton, that “Every Child is Yours”.

Now, we have gone a step further by surrounding the bird feeding its chicks, along with the motto “Every Child is Yours”, with a shield invoking the idea that at Legae Academy, we will be a haven, protecting our students and treating them as our responsibility.

Inside the shield, above the bird feeding its chicks and the motto, we have placed a blank open book suggesting that at Legae Academy, we seek to provide our students a foundation to build their own legacy on and write their own history.

Below the shield is a laurel wreath symbolising the victory of accomplishment, which we want our students to experience during their time at Legae Academy, along with the success we wish for them in the future. It also signifies the nobility of character in which we wish for them to strive.

Adjoined to the shield are wings, which signify our wish that all our students rise above all of life’s challenges, as well as excelling in their studies, and soar into their future endeavours with confidence acquired from their time at Legae Academy.

This new logo represents the fact that at Legae Academy, we are proud of our traditional roots, but at the same time, we are also aware of the school’s growing successes and the bright future it has based on hard work and innovative ideas.

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