Our History

Legae Academy opened its gates in 1992 with its mission of providing ordinary Batswana with access to world-class secondary education at an affordable cost.

Legae is the special child of an extraordinary woman, Violet Hamilton, who is the founder of both Legae Academy and Legae English Medium Primary School. Her pioneering work has changed the whole nature of English medium education in Botswana when Legae English Medium Primary School opened in 1983. The whole spirit and philosophy of Legae is expressed in affordability and openness to all.

Educational Approach

In her educational approach, Mrs. Hamilton was inspired by the values of self-help that were characteristic of the Gammangwato society in which she grew up. Still locally owned and managed, Legae schools continue to combine the time honoured strengths of local culture with a cosmopolitan outlook that prepares students to meet the rapidly evolving demands of tomorrow’s economy.

Behind the Name

“Legae” is a Setswana word for “home”. Together, the schools share a basic commitment to providing a secure and caring environment that facilitates a culture of learning. Their common motto – “every child is yours” (ngwana mongwe le mongwe ke wa rona) reflects the indigenous tradition that all members of a community have a collective responsibility for moulding the next generation. The Academy’s slogan – “Thuto go aga Botho” – roughly translates as “Education builds Humanity”.

In keeping with the above spirit, at Legae, it is recognised that each student is blessed with unique scholastic abilities that can be best maximized through educational approaches that promote self-learning, complemented by cocurricular and sporting activities. In partnership with parents and the community, the schools thus strive to foster in every student the ability to live up to his or her full potential.

Development of the Facilities

The continued progress of the two Legae schools are overseen by an independent Boards of Governors that includes our administrative team members,

government officials and parent representatives, along with the corporate directors, in full conformity with the regulations and guidelines set out in the Education Act.

We are certified as an approved Oxford, Cambridge, and Royal Society of the Arts (OCR) Examinations Centre. We are also a registered Centre for the Cambridge English Admissions Testing Service (ATS).

The Ministry of Education inspection report (1998) of the institution noted: “The school is well poised for efficiency and productivity. The available management structures enable communication and consultation which creates a suitable working environment. The general upkeep of the school also creates a conducive learning environment. The receptive mood of the staff and the relaxed atmosphere are pointers to a conducive learning environment which is imperative for a school of this status.”

In 2004, the MOE Department of Secondary Education issued an inspection report on the Academy, whose Executive Summary concluded: “Legae Academy is focused on students achieving academic excellence and has a good organization
structure in place to enable the school to deliver its objective. Inspection findings revealed that the school has many strengths, particularly in producing good grades at final exams.”

Over the past fifteen years, Legae students have achieved an IGCSE pass rate of 100 % in all their subjects. The credit pass rate for the past twelve years was over 95.00%.

Mrs. Violet Hamilton
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