Leage Academy has a total of 23 classrooms that can be adapted for any class size. Every room is well ventilated and has its own separate cooling system. In keeping with current technology the school has multiple smartboards utilised around the school.

Science Labs
In addition to this, there are a total of 8 Science Labs fully stocked and equipped to cater for students from Form 1 through to A-levels. Students of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and General Science benefit greatly from these labs

Creative Facilities
There are 2 fully fitted Art studios on campus, which create the ideal atmosphere for students to exercise their creativity. In addition to art supplies, the studios come stocked with computers to afford students easy access to current material for their projects.

A music room also graces the school campus, fitted with various string, wind and percussion instruments- just to name a few.

A-Level Study Centre
Legae Academy, in keeping with its excellent A-Level programme, has a study centre specifically for A-Level students. This is a sanctuary for learning; a conducive environment for students to get lost in their studies during free periods and engage in other productive activities.

Computer labs
There are two state of the art computer labs in the school, sporting over 70 stand alone Personal Computers with a Windows operating system.

Sports facilities
There is a vast array of sporting facilities to cater for the many sports and recreational activities offered Leage. They include:

• 3 Multipurpose courts
• 1 Multipurpose Sports Field
• 1 Swimming Pool Half Olympics Size
(with enclosed changing rooms, showers
and lockers)
• 1 Long Jump track
• 3 Cricket batting cages

Other Facilities
In addition to the above, the school has a large multi-purpose hall capable of seating the entire student body. It is fitted with a stage, a sound system and a pull-down screen for projections.

Legae has a high regard for the environment and as a result has a very well-tended Eco Park. This is a carefully preserved area to add a refreshing touch to the school grounds, also providing samples for the avid environment club.

Legae Academy has not one but three Tuck Shops which provide a wide variety of refreshments for the students’ enjoyment, also curbing the need to leave campus at break and lunch times.

The school library is a sanctuary for lovers of literature and the perfect area for students to study during their free time. It is are often updated with both new reads and old favourites with books that cater to any reading level.

In an effort to be more rounded and cater for one of the greatest industries in the country, Legae has an area entirely dedicated to agricultural plots, where students may tend to their own projects during Agriculture class and in their spare time.

Lastly, the safety of our students is of great importance, therefore the school has 24-Hour security all year-round to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

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