Inter-House Athletics

2023 Inter-House Athletics Competition Day

LA Inter-House Athletics Competition!
On Wednesday and Thursday, Legae held it’s annual Inter-House Athletics competition. Track events and Long Jump were carried out on Wednesday morning at the National Stadium. The cloudy skies made for a great day of running for all our students who participated in track events from 100m dash sprints to those long 800m races. Nonetheless, the students had a blast and team spirits were high.
Day Two of the inter-house athletics day held a variety of events from high jump, javelin, discus and shot put.
It was quite competitive on the high jump end, with the boys’ teams carrying on into the afternoon.
Both on and off the fields, participants and spectators were immersed in the spirit of the games, a great way to end off the inter-house competition.
A big thanks goes out to our sport coaches for their tireless planning and care into making the day the success that it was, as well as LA staff across all departments that helped make the inter-house athletics day possible.
Most importantly, to the students, coaches, management, parents and spectators – your involvement and enthusiastic participation did not go unnoticed in contributing to the success of these last 2 days. Thank you.

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