Last Assembly

Friday 25th of November marked as the last day for our students here at Legae. It had been a while since an assembly was held in the school hall due to the pandemic. So with the loosening on certain restrictions, and Legae still maintaining Covid protocols, staff and students filed into the hall to bid farewell to the academic year. 

Our principal, Mr. Oommen, wished the students a happy holiday as they all head off for their 52 day break. Mr. Hutcheson, our vice principal, reminded students to adhere to proper school uniform upon their return and urged them to stay safe and to continue to do their part for the environment during the school break.

School will officially close it’s gates to the public on December 13th, and will reopen on January 4th. We wish you all a merry festive season, and a prosperous 2023.

See you next year! 

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