Legae Academy Business and Economics Students at the Budget Speech

The Legae academy Business department took 35 students made up of IGCSE Business, Accounting, Economics, and AS & A Level students to attend the budget speech presented by Honorable Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament of Lobatse Dr Matshekga, who is a renowned economist and Business man.

The purpose of this trip was to enlighten, empower and capacitate our students in the economics issues of Botswana, especially around the transformation agenda of Botswana, of turning our country into a high-income status in 2036 and diverting away from a mineral led economy into a knowledge based Economy.

The Business department of Legae Academy , believes that our students are the future Business and Economics  leaders ,both nationally and internationally, hence our sincere efforts to expose our students to such platforms , instills in them the practical knowledge of what they learn in class and its application in the real world.

The Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender affairs and Member of Parliament, Mrs Annah Mokgethi, addressed our students shortly after the Budget Speech and enlightened our students on the objectives the budget speech and  its objectives. She highlighted governments intended efforts to invest in ICT to increase efficiency in service delivery, encouraged our students on the significance of youth entrepreneurship to tackle unemployment, government’s investment in the creative arts industry and lastly motivated them to work hard in their academic pursuits, and actively play a meaningful role in the economy of Botswana.

Our trip was a success to the budget speech and members of the Business community and public were impressed with our student’s level of discipline and enthusiasm.

Mr Bakang Phuthego

Art By Marcus Ncube

“Culture and identity inspire my art, especially what and who we are. It’s inspired by why we lose our identity and people trying to be what we are not. I find being African cool and that is what I try to represent. I was ashamed of where I come from and who I am. I am now very bold and I’m able to speak vernacular. I feel like people are just making art to sell and not to express themselves. They are trying to sell to governments and to other people, that’s why you see a lot of nature art out there – it’s because that’s what sells. Don’t get me wrong I love nature but if that’s all you ever get to see year in and year out, it eventually gets boring for me.

My peers have also inspired what I do. I really allow myself to be influenced by everything and anything. I mean, I’m young so this is the time to experiment as much as I can. If I mess up so what, I can try again. Last year I had two friends, I just watched what they did and I’d imitate them, fail, get better at it and fail again until I could do what they did. I believe that I’m the best out of anyone I started with. The only medium I could use in form 4 was pencil. I saw other people painting and tried it and I did a terrible job. It was a tree and I found it to be very bad, but I was praised for it so that helped me continue. I also started painting acrylics. I kept trying to paint acrylics and I must admit I wasn’t good at it. I ruined a lot of my portraits, but I kept at it and I eventually became really really good at acrylic painting. I got a B in IGCSE, it was a close B and I believe I could have gotten an A.

Last year was my biggest experimental year. I went on to YouTube. I did tutorials on how to do this and that. I threw things into a blender and saw what I could come up with. I spent hours and hours watching step by step tutorials on how to paint skin and achieve super realism. Just recently, I painted one of my best pieces which was a portrait of me being splashed with coloured water. That was hands down the best piece I’ve ever done. My best pieces are the ones where I don’t move. It feels like I’m not the one painting them. If I put my all into a painting, like my emotions, dedication and effort it sometimes feels like the painting isn’t mine when I’m done. I always take a step back and I’m like wow, I did that? I really don’t feel it while I’m working on it, it’s as if I’m not making any progress. I just go from taking a piece of paper to ‘oh, I have a master piece here!’ I think every creative feels this way, after creating something out of nothing and evoking emotion in someone else. I put something that never existed into existence – can you imagine! This is why I love art.

A visit to the Makgodumo site and Pharing Gorge.

Before the competition, the staff members of Kanye Education centre and the South East District Spelling Bee Committee members were kind enough to give a tour of Pharing Gorge and Makgodumo Dam.

The Makgodumo site is abundant in bird species and wild animals such as leopards, baboons, monkeys and snakes.  (Unfortunately or fortunately, we did not get to see any of them).  The Makgodumo dam is situated here and is a good place to decompress and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Another place situated in the area is the Pharing Gorge which resembles a water fall.  Before the drought, water was abundant throughout the year and hence the existence of the dam.

The Pharing Gorge is situated next to a hill.  A tree and flower nursery is situated in the area.  A very informative discussion was given on the harvesting of manure (which is taken from the hill during rainy season).  This is mostly leaves and organic soil.  It is treated and prepared for planting the trees cuttings and flower seedlings.  When the soil is ready, plots are prepared for planting.  Soil is put in the black plastics with holes to enhance ventilation.  The plants in the black plastics are shifted from either the sunshine to the shade depending on how well they are growing.  The plants are later sold to the public or other nurseries.

The soil used is strictly organic; it is only on rare occasions that fertilizer is added.

Many questions were asked and answered.  Not many challenges are faced, besides snakes.  However, if the snakes are handled with caution, no harm befalls them.

Not much was said about the Bird Sanctuary besides a wide variety of birds visiting the dam everyday.

A stall for the National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) was available with well prepared information on what services they provide.  It is a research site for biotechnology, biochemistry and food science.  They run short causes to train citizens how to make food samples/supplements to start their own businesses, especially young entrepreneurs

Compiled by A. Jansen

Congratulations Keith Kalane

LA Falcons deadlock beast Keith Kalane was part of the BISA U17 Boys rugby team that represented the South region at the National 7s Rugby Championship Finals in Francistown over the weekend (Saturday 31st August). The boys made history by beating Phikwe 7 – 5 in a closely contested match. Congrats Keith and the boys! Bring on the gold!

Legae Academy Cambridge Outstanding Award Ceremony

Some of our top students!

Legae Academy hosted a special assembly at the end of the school term to honour and award the great achievements by our fellow colleagues and students during the year 2018.

Mrs. Rosalind T.T Serumola, Acting Director, South East Region, Ministry of Education graced this auspicious occasion as our Guest of Honour. She applauded the Legae academy Principal and the teaching staff for a job well done. She further said, “Comparatively, Legae Academy continues to do exceptionally well in academic performance despite its challenges”.

The event was concluded with a prize giving ceremony and refreshments.

Congratulations to the following students;

Om Amit Parikh: Highest Mark in The World Cambridge International AS Level Accounting (November 2018)
Keneilwe Bobo Mosweunyane: Highest Mark in Botswana in Cambridge IGCSE Biology (November 2018)
Kabo Goitsemang: Highest Mark in Botswana in Cambridge IGCSE English First Language (Oral Endorsement) (June 2018)
Sebenya Sparkle Dikole: Highest Mark in Botswana in Cambridge IGCSE Agriculture (November 2018)

Odette Chiweshe: Highest Achievement award in Botswana in Cambridge International AS Level Literature in English (June 2018
Sakshi Goel: Highest Achievement award in Botswana in Cambridge International AS Level Information Technology (November 2018)

Takura Naboth Mujaji: Highest Achievement award in Botswana in Cambridge International AS Level Geography (November 2018)

Tumo Hope Setswammung: Highest Mark in Botswana in Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language (Speaking Endorsement) (November 2018)