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Annual Sponsored walk 2015

On the 5th of September the sounds of footsteps echoed throughout Phase 2 as Legae academy set out on their annual sponsored walk. Organized to raise funds for the development of the school, it generated a great turn up of students, staff and their family and friends. The event commenced at 7am on home ground with speeches from the school head and his team wishing everyone good luck and thanking them for their attendance. 

It was best foot forward as students were determined to reach the 10km goal. Even the mean grey clouds looming above declaring the prospect of rain could not stop the indomitable young army as they crusaded along their journey.

From Legae Academy grounds, the walk was across Phase 2 to the CBD, back to Legae Academy. However, the easy route wasn’t taken as the walk saw students passing the Multimedia Complex, Westgate Mall and Masa Primary school. The walk was definitely not for the weak. There were five checkpoints along the way in which students were awarded stamps to mark their progress and of course much needed in the form of water and various drinks.

Exercise proved to be anything but boring as students formed small packs along the way singing along (or rather screaming along) to their favourite songs as they marched on.

Upon arrival back at Legae Academy, students were treated to a fun celebration. Multiple braai stands were set up to help feed the hungry participants. For the fun freaks, it was time to bust a move as was music was high and the dance was open to everyone.

Ending roughly at about 11 am, this year’s sponsored walk was a huge success. Filled with fun, exercise, food, music and lots of sweat, all for a good cause, it was a day to remember. Documented through pictures and video by a hired drone, (yes you read correctly, we hired a drone) the day can be revisited when by those who enjoy walking down memory lane on the school website. The total amount raised is to be announced soon and prizes will be awarded to those who raised the most amount of money. Mark your calendars for next years sponsored walk, which will only be bigger and better.

Article by

Diana Geroge (6ASD)

About Legae Academy Botswana

Legae Academy opened its gates in January 1992 with its mission of providing ordinary Batswana with access to world-class Secondary Education at an affordable cost. In keeping with its commitment to provide world class education that meets the competitive demands of the 21st century, the Academy has pioneered the introduction into Botswana of the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and Higher International General Certificate of Education (HIGCSE). Due to the decision made by the Cambridge to phase out HIGCSE and also because of the great demand for the internationally recognized A-Level course, the school introduced A – Level in 2006. A-level course is an entrance qualification for University Education around the world. These two established, University of Cambridge externally monitored, international curricula give students the opportunity to go beyond Botswana’s local examinations standard.