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Form 6 University Presentation

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On the 8th of September monished universities from Australia as well as northwestern, Johns Hopkins and Dartmouth universities from America graced Legae Academy with their presence.

With both the AS and A2 final exams in short sight, it is important that students decide which universities they are looking to go to. It was because of this that Mr. Dube organized the university presentations, which helped make these decisions a tad bit easier.

Monash University is a well-known and established international university with five campuses in Australia, a campus in Malaysia and locations in China, Italy, India and South Africa. With notable alumni and an amazing reputation, it was only fitting that they came and addressed the students of Legae Academy. Stating minimum requirements, which as expected are pretty high across all degree courses and outlining exceptional features such as dual degrees they gave students all the need to know information, as well as answering questions students had. Monash managed to prove why it is one of the leading universities in Australia.

Northwestern University, located in the famous city of Chicago, America, as well as in Doha, Qatar, managed to entice and interest students. Home of the Wildcats, it is a liberal arts university who’s approximately 190000 alumni include leaders in government, law, science, education, medicine and the performing arts. Being a research university with a great repertoire of courses to offer Northwestern is definitely more than a great university. It’s representative managed to convince students of exactly why they belonged at her school, and answered all questions they had. All this with a great American accent.

Next it was Johns Hopkins University, Johns with an ‘s’ as the representative kept insisting. Located to the northwest of America in a relatively small town, it boasts anything but relatively small alumni. Hopkins, a well-recognized research institute and also liberal arts school, offers prospective students the opportunity to grow as individuals in all aspects, not just the academics. With a degree from Johns Hopkins, one can proudly shout “Look out world, I’m coming for you!”

Last but most certainly not least was Dartmouth University. The smallest Ivy League, (yes, Ivy League) prove that size doesn’t really matter; it’s the quality that counts. Its alumni are far greater than the word success and have each change the world in their own way. Dartmouth has marked itself as one of the best universities in America if not the world. Leading research institute and against popular belief, good at sports, graduates are guaranteed a slot in the world as a force to be reckoned with, with a degree from Dartmouth.

For more information visit the university websites or see Mr. Dube.

Article by

Diana George (6ASD)

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