Legae Academy

Chess Club

The main Chess Club activity was the club championship which involved a top section of 8 players (Section A), Section B, also consisting of 8 players, then a Section C, divided into 2 groups with only Form 1 players competing. The Championship was won once again by Marape Marape Junior (4C) with a score of 6.5 points from 7 games. The only half point he dropped was against his sister, Naledi Marape (1B) who finished in 2nd position with 5.5 pts., and also won the ladies prize. (This is the highest position ever achieved by a female player.) In third position was Zhen Xiu (4C) who scored 5 pts. Section B was won convincingly by Dawn Martin (2A) with a score of 6.5/7. Once again the half point he dropped was against the only other female competitor, Grace Ifiegbu (2D) who finished in second place with 6pts. In third position was Jayden Mbojane (4B) with 5pts. The Form 1 section resulted in a play-off between Arivumathi Muthuraja (1A) and Resego Phuthago (1D). Both these players won all their games in their groups, but it was Muthuraja who won the play-off game and the award as the best Form 1 player.

Legae Academy players competed in two external tournaments. In the Gaborone Open Tournament held over the weekend 30th June-1st July, Marape Marape opted to compete in the extremely strong Open Section and scored a very creditable 3.5 points from 7 games finishing in 42nd position. However, his sister did even better playing in the Ladies Section and finishing in second position with 5/7 and won P1000 and a silver medal!

9 of our players successfully participated in the Enpassent Chess Club Youth Tournament held at UB on Saturday 7th July. Zhen Xiu (4C) scored 6 points from 7 games and won a gold medal and a trophy as the best U-16 player. Also gaining gold and a trophy was Arivumathi Muthuraja (1A) scoring 5/7 as the best U-12 player. Ethan D’Souza (4A) won a silver medal and a chess set for finishing with a score of 4.5/7, while Vaishnav Vanith Kumar (1C) won a bronze medal with 4/7. Another Legae player who won a prize of a chess set was Nandadev Gopal (3.5/7). The other Legae players were Zhenghao Shi (4/7), Ou Yang Wei Ye (3/7), Benedict Biju (2.5/7) and Achal Gupta (2/7). The results of this tournament illustrate very well the overall strength of our players.

The only other event during the term was a friendly match against Westwood School which our team won easily by a score of 15-2.

About Legae Academy Botswana

Legae Academy opened its gates in January 1992 with its mission of providing ordinary Batswana with access to world-class Secondary Education at an affordable cost. In keeping with its commitment to provide world class education that meets the competitive demands of the 21st century, the Academy has pioneered the introduction into Botswana of the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and Higher International General Certificate of Education (HIGCSE). Due to the decision made by the Cambridge to phase out HIGCSE and also because of the great demand for the internationally recognized A-Level course, the school introduced A – Level in 2006. A-level course is an entrance qualification for University Education around the world. These two established, University of Cambridge externally monitored, international curricula give students the opportunity to go beyond Botswana’s local examinations standard.