Legae Academy


Once more, an excellent result, produced by our exam classes reflects the quality of education Legae Academy is providing to its students. Our highly successful A-Level programme is proven to be one of the best in Botswana.

*+A: 57.1%

A*+A+ B: 86.5%

A*+A+ B+ C: 97.1%

65 students earned the maximum points (48) according to UB scale system.

Our Credit % (A*+A+B+C) is above 97 four years in a row and 100% Pass rate for the tenth consecutive year.

100% Credit was achieved for eleven subjects (Accounting, Additional Maths, Agriculture, Art & Design, Chemistry, First Language English, French, ICT, Computer Science, Literature in English and Setswana).

Most remarkably 47.5% of the grades were either A* or A. 

Our highly successful A Level programme has once more proved to be one of the best in Botswana.


  1. 99.8 % pass (A Level)
  2. 88 % credit pass (A Level)
  3. 98.4 % pass (AS Level)
  4. 84.5 % credit pass (AS Level)

About Legae Academy Botswana

Legae’s tradition of success in external examinations has  been further recognised by the MOE, which commended the  school “for its high performance in both IGCSE and HIGCSE  examinations”. The ministry of Education further noted that:  “This good performance is attributed to a number of factors  such as highly qualified staff, small class size, reasonable  teaching loads, good and adequate physical facilities  and resources, and a conducive teaching and learning  environment. The highly qualified teachers of the school are  optimally utilised.” (1998 Inspection Report)  “Legae Academy is focused on students achieving academic  excellence and has a good organisation structure in place to  enable the school to deliver its objective. Inspection findings  revealed that the school has many strengths, particularly in  producing good grades at final exams.”